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Hello, I’m Kristi and I am a road warrior. I have worked in medical device sales, and clinical support for over 10 years and I travel throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Being efficient and effective is very important to me and staying organized is a must. Every sales call matters and every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to teach, demo, and sell.

A challenge that I faced was carrying all of my supplies and equipment into each sales call and having what I needed to show the customer. Many times I had to go back out to the car to grab something and by the time I returned the customer had lost interest or moved on to another task or patient. I needed a reliable sales cart that could hold and protect all of my stuff! The blue, plastic, milk crate on wheels that I had been pulling along behind me was not sturdy, did not protect my valuable equipment or computer/iPad, could not maneuver curbs, and the bottom fell out almost every time I went up or down steps. Those cheap carts were costing me sales and about $50 every few months and I was using duct tape to extend the life and unfortunately looking unprofessional on my sales calls.

I sat down with my daughters and we started drawing pictures of the pockets that we needed to hold my supplies. I wanted a padded computer pocket, an iPad sleeve, a place for cables, product samples, binders, marketing material, and random supplies that I used daily. We started with a nice sized sales cart that looked very funny but we kept working on it and gained insight from sales people in the field and clinical managers that train hundreds of patients a year. We spoke to people that are field experts and we made changes based on their feedback and needs. We added a water bottle pocket based on Pam’s feedback and changed the construction of the frame so it was lighter for her to pick up. All of this took time and 3 years later here we are with a durable, ergonomically designed, professional sales cart that anyone would be proud to pull along in the field.

Each sales cart is currently black and totally customizable with your logo. Please reach out to me with questions and order your RepRoller by MobileRep today! I am confident you will all be satisfied and happy with the sales cart. I use it everyday and I love it! It is everything I wanted it to be.

Thank you and Safe Travels,
Kristi Lafever

MobileRep LLC

Loveland, OH 45140
Toll Free: (800) 597-1560

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